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Since the explosion of Etsy, there has been an unprecedented amount of people creating rustic, old-timey pieces in their homes and selling them to strangers on the internet. ML Leather started with that same basic concept, taking something that had already been done numerous times to date, but slightly modifying it into something modern and new. Cody Vance and his team have created a beautiful line of rustic leather goods ranging from bags to wallets. Their main goal has been “to create a product that was strictly hand-crafted by using natural materials as well as recycled items using traditional tools of the trade.” Now, when Cody mentions traditional, we are talking, pre 20th century metal tools that are used every step of the way in production. Everything is made right here in Texas, and from personal experience, I can tell you, the leather ages well, just check out their website or Facebook fan page to see for yourself. 

Having already sold to over 100 countries around the world within two years of existence, this is a brand that proves honest and hard work truly pay off in the end, certainly this is a brand that won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

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